• João Lucas

Equipe do IFBA ganha prêmio de Melhor Short Paper SVR 2014

Equipe do IFBA, campus Paulo Afonso, formada pelo professor Fabiano Amorim Vaz e os estudantes e bolsistas, João Lucas de Souza Silva e Rafael Sol dos Santos, publicaram um trabalho no SVR com titulo: KinardCar: Auxiliary Game in Formation of Young Drivers, utilizing Kinect and Arduino Integration.

O trabalho ganhou o prêmio de Melhor Short paper.

Resumo: Applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality with a focus in society are becoming recurrent and the advantages are many. An important concern is the good formation of citizens for life in society, especially when such improvement can help mitigate accidents, and consequently save lives. Therefore, the aim of this article is to describe the development of a system to support training of young drivers to make the learning of the traffic rules more friendly and exciting. To this end, we developed a game called KinardCar, where we use the Microsoft Kinect sensor integrated with an Arduino microcontroller. The environment consists of a small remotely operated vehicle by the user's movements, which are tracked by the sensor. In the vehicle, there is a marker attached which identifies the position and orientation of the car in the virtual test track, and thus there is an interaction between multiple virtual vehicles and the real one. Considering these results, we can conclude that the game goes beyond the educational nature, as this also provides a new perspective on life in society.

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